Feb 222012

From the 1st February, we have been counting every new like we have gotten on facebook.

Current count:


If you saw our previous blog post, and are our friend on Facebook you may already be aware that for each of these likes, we are donating a daffodil bulb to a tidy town in Ireland! We are now 21 days into the Daffodil Drive, and you (plural!) have raised over 5,000 daffodil bulbs!

The nominated towns

The towns nominated to receive a share of the bulbs are going to be announced in the next couple of days. If you have nominated your town, be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page and here on our Blog to see if your nomination was successful! We are still accepting a last few nominations, so quick, open up your e-mail and tell us why your town out of ALL the towns in Ireland deserves a share of the bulbs! Send your e-mail to daffodils@buyandsell.ie.

We are already at 250+ bulbs per town and there is 24 days left! The only thing limiting this being 2,500 per town is how much the campaign is shared so get on it!

UPDATE: 165 Free Bulbs Added!

I am also (somewhat) delighted to today announce that due to my impatience with maths – and just for general ease of counting, we have decided to add 165 free bulbs to the donation pot. This makes it easier for us to count as it rounds it to the nearest thousand. 165 extra free daffodil bulbs for Ireland on top of the already 5,000+ !

This brings the current total up to 5,390!

Get involved in the campaign and help Ireland’s towns and villages be daffodil-ified. All it takes is a couple of Clicks!

There is 24 days left. Share share share share share! (…share!)









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