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From the 1st February until the 17th March, we pledged to donate one daffodil bulb to an Irish Tidy Town for every new like on our Facebook page… Well guess what?

With thanks to our Facebook fans, (both old and new) we have hit our massive target of 10,000 bulbs! Each of the following 20 towns will now be receiving 500 completely free daffodil bulbs with thanks to BuyandSell.ie and their fabulous fans over on the Facebook page!

Towns that are receiving 500 free bulbs: Bettystown, Co.Meath | Mornington, Co.Meath | Julianstown, Co.Meath | Durrow, Co.Laois | Myshall, Mount Leinster | Rush, Co.Dublin | Tubbercurry, Co.Sligo | Bansha, Co.Tipperary | Naas, Co.Kildare | Bruff, Co.Limerick | Birr, Co.Offally | Daingean, Co.Offally | Shankill, Co.Dublin | Mallow, Co.Cork | Mountmellick, Co.Laois | Attanagh, Co.Laois | Bandon, Co.Cork | Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny | Greystones, Co.Wicklow | Cavan, Co.Cavan.

How did we choose which towns to give the bulbs to? When we initially launched the campaign we invited towns to nominate themselves to get a share of the bulbs. The e-mails began coming in thick and fast. They were full of enthusiasm, hope and dedication. We got so much pleasure from reading through the nominations, and it is genuinely lovely to hear from pro-active people like those that were in touch with us.

We are a voluntary group of people who have done huge work in the community including painting old toilets, getting old boats and planting them up, sweeping the streets and roads to make them presentable. We recently planted 1,500 bulbs in Laytown. This is a large seaside area and is one of three villages along the only beach in Meath. However due to financial restrictions  we were unable to plant Bettystown or Mornington as we ran out of bulbs. [A daffodil bulb donation] would brighten up the road sides and housing estates adding so much to the community.

There were multiple nominations for most of the towns and we saw such huge outpourings of enthusiasm and dedication from people, it truly was inspiring to hear about all of the great work going on in Ireland on a completely voluntary basis, and the desire in people to improve their areas.

I’d love to see daffodils planted around the Canal Bridge for boating enthusiasts to admire on their journey along the Canal.

We at BuyandSell.ie are delighted to donate these Daffodil bulbs to help that little bit more. The donation feels even more special when we know for a fact that they will be used and enjoyed by the passionate people who were in touch with us.

Pictured here are teenagers of Daingean, one of the towns that were nominated in our campaign. This town project saw a barnyard scene painted on Byrne's garage in the middle of the town's main street. Just one example of the great community efforts happening throughout Ireland.

I would like to nominate our Tidy Town as a worthy recipient for daffodil bulbs because the silly Government cut back on our materials grant!!

When will the bulbs be delivered? We have been in touch with all of the lovely people who nominated their towns. Representatives have been chosen and we will be in touch with this person in early August to arrange a day and time for delivery of the 500 bulbs.


Help make your town more beautiful!

Get involved in your local Tidy Towns committee today! Meetings are held regularly and the overall impact these groups have on the appearance of towns in Ireland is immense.  You can visit the Tidy Towns website by clicking here. We also recommend directly searching for your local Tidy Towns on Facebook; there are many of them represented there, and it is a really great way of finding out up to date information.


Thank you again to West Cork Daffodils who made this donation possible. We can also thank West Cork Daffodils for supplying the 20,000 daffodils we handed out at the Irish Kennel Club’s St. Patricks Day Dog Show in Cloghran, Co.Dublin!

To see photos of the 20,000 daffodils and behind the scenes photos from this event, you can visit our Flickr page. There’s lots of other pictures over there too!


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